Strength and dignity are her clothing

and she laughs at the time to come

Proverbs 31:25 (ESV)

Our Mission

Verb. It’s a word used to describe an action and the driving force behind Verb Boutique, a Christian clothing store with a mission to inspire beauty from the inside out. Our faith-based boutique carries Christian apparel and gifts including graphic T-shirts, Hosanna Revival five-year prayer journals, inspirational jewelry, and more. We also publish Verb Journal, a Christian blog for women.


Hi there! I'm Emily Miller, the owner (and marketer, photographer, model, product shipper, merchandiser, customer servicer, etc.) of the Christian clothing store, Verb Boutique. Managing the store is a lot to juggle, especially since I'm working another job, but somehow by the grace of God I manage!

Like many online boutiques, Verb Boutique was born from a daydream that remained just that for years. I spent numerous vacations admiring the uniquely curated shops of various downtowns. How fun it would be to own a women's clothing boutique, I would think. I would go home, research how to start a store, but always seemed to get stuck. Despite this continued desire, thoughts of, “Can I really do this?” always took precedence over the possibilities.

The recipe that finally pushed me over the edge was a dose of inspiration from other women entrepreneurs and a (very) generous sprinkling of faith from knowing that I would have success in anything I submitted to the Lord. With that in mind, the decision was made—it was time to take action. Verb Boutique officially began at the end of 2019.

At the end of the day, my ultimate goal through this business, and in general, is to shine the good news of the gospel message. I hope my pursuit of something that seemed impossible will inspire a few other women along the way to also pursue their purpose and passion. 

Get to know me even more by reading some of my articles on Verb Journal, a Christian blog for women.

Verbs We Live By


Love God. Love people. There is no greater creed to live by.


You not only were created, but you were also born to create! We encourage and equip women to bring into fruition the ideas and innovations only they can make.


Much is required of those who have been given much. We value giving back what we’ve been given, including our time, talent, and treasures.


You have the ability to influence others! We encourage our community to use the gifts they’ve been given to inspire others.


Work hard, but resist the hustle. We realize there’s a place for passion, but not for burnout. We encourage our community to pursue their passions, but to also make sure they are protecting their health and prioritizing their family.


So shine your light for all men to see. No matter who you are or where you’re at, you have something to offer. We believe women should let the light of their life shine in their churches, communities, and offices.


Full of passion and purpose, our customers are women who want to live a life full of action, bravery, creativity, and discovery. Never satisfied with the status quo, they seek to surround themselves with inspiration and beauty. Adventurous and imaginative, our customer appreciates but is never bound by trends.

Our Style

Verb Boutique carries an assortment of young contemporary and Christian clothing and apparel for women. In a few words, our style could be described as contemporary, effortless, trendy, feminine, floral, and inspirational.